Training/Building/Tech Support

I specialize in bringing “creative minds” together with this highly “technical” tool.  With my build service and support anyone can enjoy the freedom of the aerial perspective.


Flight and System Training

I offer both flight and System training here in beautiful Steamboat Springs Co.  System training includes all the critical components that you need to understand to get the aircraft flying and stay flying..  Within this training I also show you how to properly setup the camera and mount for the best results..

For flight training I connect the two controllers via a buddy-box and “recover” the helicopter if needed as you fly.  This is highly recommended for your first flights just to get over the initial jitters.  In this training I can demonstrate proper landing and takeoff methods as well as systematic methods of learning.

$125.00/hour with a four hour minimum..

Tech Support via phone/Skype

If you have decided to tackle the build and setup yourself no problem.  I can talk you through the wiring and physical connections to all the components..  Once the build is done I can go over  all the critical channel setup and flight controller settings as well as the radio settings..  You get my full attention and everyone has been very happy with there results..    $125.00 per hour one hour min. prepaid with paypal.


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